Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Top Two

Out of all the people I come into contact with each day, all of my friends that I borrow clothes and accessories from, and all of the people I go for to advice, there are very few that I can actually say that I base my perception of cool on. I guess when I say that someone guides my perception of cool, it would be the person whose advice I value the most— the person who I feel like lives life in a cool way. I think I am lucky enough to have several of these people in my life.
However, there is another type of cool that can be taken from anyone you see on the street. It’s the outward appearance of cool. If I see someone wearing something in way that I think is cool, and I might try to imitate it the next day. I may not even know the person’s name. I could see them on TV, going to class, or while I’m out shopping. I could base an outfit or style off of something
Nichole Kidman was wearing in People magazine, or off of the girl that sits next to me in my sign language class. When I imitate or use their style as a guide, they become cool.
Even though these people may be cool in outward appearance, I think it is the people first mentioned that are ultimately my “cool guides.” These are the people I look to when I have to make a life-changing decision. Number one on this list is my Dad. I see him as cool because of his accomplishments, his drive, and the love he maintains for our family. He is always there for me and I can ask him absolutely anything. I treasure the conversations we have about life, love, and anything in-between. He is the first person I go to when I need advice on just about any topic. I listen to him, because of our similarities and our differences. We have many ideas that coincide, but we also tend to disagree a fairly often. He usually offers a contrasting view for me to look at and helps me make rational decisions. We make an effort to talk on the phone everyday, which a lot of people think is strange, but I think it’s what has kept us so close and made him so cool in my eyes.
Number two on this list, would have to be my best friend. She, also, is always there for me. I admire her dedication to anything or anyone she loves and her passion for life in general. She is always there for me when I need someone to talk to. Even though we are separated by a state, we talk everyday through text or phone calls.

I truly believe that talking to my cool people plays a part in keeping me going from day to day. They are cool because they inspire. They are cool because they love life.


  1. What specific advice have either of these people given you that has helped you become cooler?

  2. It's both strange and weirdly automatic to say something about looking to our parents for guidance, but that's exactly what they give. But it's hard to think of parents actually being cool.

    Do you receive more "cool" advice/guidance from your friend or your dad? Why one or the other?