Thursday, April 23, 2009


-          Bangs

-          Sports

-          TOMS shoes

-          The lake

-          Intelligence—but not too smart

-          Vintage

-          Acoustic

-          Youthfulness

-          Facebook

-          Brand name clothing

-          Friends

-          Coffee houses

-          Outdoors

-          Scrapbooking

-          Photography

-          Realism

-          Truthfulness

-          Family

-          Humor

-          Animals

-          Confidence

-          Passion

-          Inspiration

-          Faith

-          The stars

-          C.S. Lewis

-          Jane Eyre


Not So Cool:

-          PDA

-          The indoors

-          Plain

-          Lies

-          Crocs

-          Fake anything (from people to brand names)

-          Ambiguity

-          Neuroticism

-          Failed attempts at humor

-          Gaming

-          Conformity

-          Board games

-          Studying

-          Sudoku

-          Good grades

-          Wearing animals

-          Clean cut

-          Deceit

-          Uncertainty

-          Unmotivated

-          Honky tonk

-          Twilight

In retrospect, I find that I actually contradict myself in a way. You would think that all the cool things would represent something that I am, and all the not-so-cool things would describe something that I am not. However, that is not the case. I find that I am a very well dispersed between the two. How odd is it that I would put myself (in some instances) as un-cool? For instance, I put the Twilight series under the un-cool heading, but I myself have read the books more than once. I realize that although it may be popular, the books just are not cool. The first thing you say when someone asks you what they are about, you say, “Vampires, but its not like it sounds!” Anything that requires a disclaimer like that cannot be considered cool.

Just like some of the not-so-cool things describe me, some of the cool things do not describe me. Yes, I am outdoorsy, passionate, and sometimes semi-vintage in style; but brand-name clothing is not always something within my price range. I think its wonderful to get a Gap gift certificate to go shopping, but I think I would fall over dead if someone gave me money to go shopping somewhere like Dolci and Gabana. And its not that I just cannot afford those cloths (I can’t, but that’s not the point), I don’t think that’s how money should be spent. There are a lot of people who don’t have a change of clothes, and yet we (myself included) usually don’t shy away at buying hundreds of dollars worth of clothing a year (and that’s a conservative estimate). So why is something like charity not in my list of cool? I obviously see it was something worthwhile. Maybe definitions of cool are not based on what an individual thinks, but on what those around him and in his culture think.

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that Crocs are totally uncool.

    I am glad to see that you recognize the uncool within yourself. Do you think that most people honestly can look at themselves and see that they are uncool?