Thursday, April 23, 2009

Headline: Jonas Brothers Have Joined the Reservoir Dogs?

     What was cool about Reservoir Dogs? Throughout the entire movie people were dying senselessly (well, unless you want to say diamonds are worth lives), the language was distracting, and the seventies music was out of place. However, if talking to a present day teenager, I believe they would have thought some of the main characters were cool. I say this, simply because of their choice of shades. This is something I not only noticed early on in the movie, but got a nice little chuckle over it too. These rough, tough, gangster men were wearing what are now commonly labeled as “JoBros Sunglasses.” Take a gander at the photos below if you don’t believe me.

        However, even with this comical beginning, this movie was far from funny—odd perhaps, but definitely not humorous. One thing that I found odd was the pairing of happy-go-lucky music from the seventies with the men who are at least trying to put up a front of bravado. It seemed like the choice in music was counteracting the image the characters were trying to present. Perhaps that is part of the irony though. We did talk about how not one of the characters seemed to ever accomplish cool, and at some point each character made at least one highly un-cool move or blunder. So in a way, even though it seemed a tad goofy, maybe the music fit the film better than I originally thought. The one scene in which I believe the music had the most effect, was when Mr. Blonde was torturing the cop. The contrast between his actions and the music only intensify the horrific scene. The bubbly music and Mr. Blonde’s carefree dancing only serve to make his actions seem all the more grotesque and psychotic. “Stuck in the Middle With You” will never have the same meaning for me. 

     In the end, there are three people (out of how ever many ended up dying) that I feel sympathy for: Mr. White, Mr. Orange, and Marvin Nash (the cop). I feel sorry for Mr. White

 because towards the end of the movie, he stuck his head out to save Mr. Orange (who was really an undercover cop), ended up shooting his boss, and then getting shot himself all to defend Mr. Orange. Afterwards, he drags himself over to where Mr. Orange is lying, and pulls Mr. Orange’s head into his lap to comfort him, only to have Mr. Orange confess to him that he really is, after all, a cop. I feel sorry for Marvin Nash because of obvious reasons. No one deserves to go through the torture that he did. Mr. Orange is pitiful, but garners the least of my sympathy. I cannot help but think that while it is sad that he had to die (and from the shot of a pedestrian no less), but he also knew the risks when he agreed to the job. He knew that being killed was a risk he was running.


  1. gotta say, your title caught my attention. i just HAD to figure out what you were talking about. lol

    I agree with your sympathy for Mr. White, but I think I feel more pity for Mr. Orange than you. Yes, he knew what he was getting himself into, but he wasn't supposed to get shot. The cops would know NOT to shoot him of all the robbers. Yet, he gets shot by a pedestrian, who he is ironically probably working to protect.

  2. I would love for you to run with this Jonas Bros. as the Reservoir Dogs comparison even further...